At The Nutri-Balance Centre, our multi-disciplinary team of qualified Health practitioners are ready to discuss how we can help you achieve your optimal health status


Nutritional Health Practitioner

Juliet is the owner of The Nutri-Balance Centre and has been running it for the past 22 years. She is a self-taught naturopath and her dedication and concern for each person entering the store has resulted in huge healing success and trust.

Pierre & Rob 

Pierre and Rob

Pierre qualified in the Vitalist Programme, herbalism, anatomy and physiology and has worked in the Natural Health Industry for the past 15 years. His exceptional ability to diagnose problems using a Darkfield Microscopy machine backed up by Body Sonic analysis has given him enormous success. Customers travel from all over Africa and overseas to consult with him. 

Rob has a degree in Biochemistry and has used his knowledge and skills in assisting to educate the public about natural supplementations. Rob is well versed in the natural healing modalities and has a large following of customers whom he has assisted in improving health hindering matters.

The Team: Lenah, Nfundo, James & Grace

Our team

Our team are the backbone of our success! They ensure the shop is well run, fully stocked and functional, The Nutri-Balance Centre has a strong, loyal and happy team always ready to assist and help.

“I go here for all natural products. I even found African black soap after looking for it for months! Shea butter, phyto force teas, essential oils, nut kinds of butter the works. This is the place for your overall health!”

Gugu Shabangu